Data is most valuable when it's in motion.

Get in the flow.

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There's no such thing as a one size fits all data platform.

We tailor solutions to your team so they can hit the ground running.

Turn down the ceremony of data warehousing and turn up the value of analytics.

The explosion of social, sensor, and cloud data has raised the bar for what it means to be data savvy. Business users see the opportunity, but they need technology and process that can evolve faster.

  • Drive improvement with exploration—not requirements.
  • Process incoming data more like a funnel and less like a shovel.
  • Stop firefighting and start attacking the core components that will elevate your analytics program.

Maneuver the market with a platform that can respond to events in real-time.

Many business users waive their right to use real-time data for a myriad of political, technical, or process related reasons. We believe data streaming is the foundation of a data platform not a feature to be built someday.

  • Build data streaming capabilities into the core of your data warehouse.
  • Gather data and store it with guarantees of quality and flexibility.
  • Keep data in motion so it can power automation and drive operations.

Sort through the deluge of vendors peddling analytics software as a miracle.

Take ownership of your entire data ecosystem. Tradeoffs behind the hype of analytics as a service can hurt your bottom line and hinder long-term innovation. Choose to invest in talent over tools.

  • Prototype simple solutions that will illuminate your vision.
  • Take ownership of valuable data stranded with a third party.
  • Coordinate product rollout and implementation.

We can help you take the first step or your next step.

Make the case. Build the plan. Execute.

Connect your environment.

Bring together enterprise, digital, and machine data in weeks not years. We follow simple, battle-tested patterns that can accelerate your analytics program.

Common Scenarios
Anything look familiar?
Gather data from your websites and apps without vendor lock-in.
Unwind data warehouses that have become a focus of frustration.
Align and enrich customer data like you're serious about CRM.
Stay connected with field personnel and push operations forward with clear data incentives.
Measure customer experience and engagement across all points of their journey.

Connect your people.

Prioritize data discovery and exploration over formal requirements and estimates. Lead from the front, shrink lead time, and reduce risk by prototyping real data early.

Common Scenarios
Anything look familiar?
Understand the data products available and choose what fits your talent and budget.
Be heard, understand the obstacles, and navigate your technology group like a pro.
Launch a prototype that brings teams together and builds trust.
Get the business involved at every stage of development and watch your cycles shrink.
Get at the data you've been asking for, make your process repeatable, and document your data flow.

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